Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Greed

    In America, many things are done, mostly for greed. Look at the patent litigation. Microsoft vs Google, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and 8 other Android providers. Apple vs Samsung, the best part is, Samsung is the main chipset provider of Apple products. Now it's TSMC, cause Samsung didn't want to do business in a lawsuit. Well, many others are involved too. Here is my summary of fixing America. I know this is off our usual topic, but I find that intellectuals are in every subject, so talking to every subject, allows for anyone to understand. Maybe they aren't very good in particular subjects, and like I, which I try to improve like everyone else, am trying to get to learn chipsets, processors, motherboards, etc.

    One cure to the ill-fated America, is to restart. We need to clean the Congress and House to fill them with more democratic people. Not the party, but the belief. Then fill them with public representatives. Also we need to have a better petitioning system. Remember in the Declaration of Independence, The colonists, believed that governments were instituted among men to protect that all men are created equal and endowed with 3 rights, which are unalienable. Among these are, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." I know the wording is off, as this was on the top of my head, but this is from the Declaration. If these "governments" are created by the consent of the people, they are free to choose how to run it.

   So if someone were to right a petition that stops all the patent corruption and lobbying I would be happy to sign. Too bad, we might never see such a perfect petition, but we need to strive to make our government better before it implodes on itself. I mean we are at a loss of 4 billion a day, so spending has to be cut immediately. Spending has gotten out of control in Washington. The only reason we moved from Britain's hold, is that we fought the first war over an abstract idea. There might have been wars before like it, but this was the first truly fully for an abstract thing.

    Last time I checked the people are allowed to petition anything, and that petition must stand in Congress and Senate, or we won't vote for them…

    I wanted to keep this short, but I am just requesting if anyone has anything about hardware, logic gates, and any book that can get me jump started on chipsets and processors. I will be taking serious study into it, but I need somewhere to start.

Thanks, and Farewell,

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