Thursday, April 5, 2012


I don't know. I changed the topic and everything, it's not worth it to write for so few people. I mean I have 80 a month. Now 20 people are actually by link. So I think it's time to close. In the beginning we had 300-400 a week. Now it's just sad. If ranks don't move I am closing up shop.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travian indepht and Ubuntu Pangolin

Now for all you wanderers I will let you know Ubuntu Pangolin is out in April! Less then a month away! That means Mint(Biggest Ubuntu derivative) is out a few weeks later. It will have:
Ubuntu TV(Like AppleTV but more like GoogleTV with less commercial support, so GoogleTV is the one to get right now)
Ubuntu 12.04(x86) Desktop will also be out
Ubuntu 12.04(for TI™ ARM and a few others) This is going to be really good

I know how much hype there was when Oneiric came out. This one will be 3-5x bigger. Android, Ubuntu, are by far the largest Linux OS.


I really loved this game. They did many changes but still much of the same concept, shh. I have a great setup. I will not get into it, but it has to do with my adventuring.

I want to talk about my seen difference as I have never played(4.0). Well in T4, the Hero is very important. I see how they centred the game around him. Now what you do is use that Hero. Also how they upgraded the graphics. It used to look like my first designs(well mine was based on it o_O). Now it looks like a large corporation redesigned it. Instead the original authors used much of the game's profit to bring it up to date. I can't say I like it more, but I don't really dislike the new stuff. It sure speeds up the game though…

In T3.5, the one I played heavily, had many faults and many good things too. I don't think they really fixed it completely. I think they moved the blanket onto another side and expanded it though. What I really don't like is the use of bots and how inexperienced players can get ahead but people like me who devote a good amount of time and effort can hardly get ahead of the pack. Now I won't lie I used bots, and I'll let you know. What it does, it kills the fun from the game. People get fun and competitiveness mixed up. Well I'll rap it up here.

The next few weeks will be about Ubuntu and Travian. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Java, Travian and Minecraft

After reading the first chapter of Java, I went to buy a few Java programs. I bought Minecraft™. I love it. Too bad I'm bad at it. Well I also will start playing games again, especially Travian. I have loved Travian, an inexpensive Web game. I recently started on Com9 and now have to go to sleep, and by using my head, I have figured it is safe to sleep.
Wood ~ 14hr till fill
Clay ~ 15hr till fill
Iron ~ 21hr till fill
Wheat ~ 30hr till fill

I also want to put a few disclaimers, my game was based on Travian™. My game was shut due to lack of founds and that the market has closed it's opening. So I reverted back to Travian. I will learn the PCBs, and all those goodies, and am learning Java. I will write a review of the first few chapters on Friday.

My audience has shrunk to a few a day, if we could boost those numbers, I'd be happy for that 10-15 a day again. We are at like 3.


The reason it took me 10 days, was I have been injured and in a bit of pain, so I skipped a week. We will be fully back soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


My thoughts on the book are that it is a good book, but no Linux support. It is expecting you are running Windows. If you are on: Unix, Linux, OS X, or Windows NT you must go to the website. I also think I want to get into the hardware field. As of right now, it's impossible. So how do I learn Northbridge etc. So when I finish part one, I will write an overview. Especially the Fortran paragraph.


Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am moving to Java, as PHP, is too C like lol. But I did it so I can come to the standard. I want to really get into the hardware field, as I can't, I'll learn Java. I will be writing a per-part review. I always wanted C++, but Java is the standard, as it runs on all hardware, all operating systems and so on. Well back to reading.

I am reading:
Java for Dummies 4th Edition ~ Don't let the title fool you, on many of their computer books they simplify and leave sidebars for more insight. I like it because you can choose what you deeply go into.

Barry Burd is the writer, and I got to go soon.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Greed

    In America, many things are done, mostly for greed. Look at the patent litigation. Microsoft vs Google, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and 8 other Android providers. Apple vs Samsung, the best part is, Samsung is the main chipset provider of Apple products. Now it's TSMC, cause Samsung didn't want to do business in a lawsuit. Well, many others are involved too. Here is my summary of fixing America. I know this is off our usual topic, but I find that intellectuals are in every subject, so talking to every subject, allows for anyone to understand. Maybe they aren't very good in particular subjects, and like I, which I try to improve like everyone else, am trying to get to learn chipsets, processors, motherboards, etc.

    One cure to the ill-fated America, is to restart. We need to clean the Congress and House to fill them with more democratic people. Not the party, but the belief. Then fill them with public representatives. Also we need to have a better petitioning system. Remember in the Declaration of Independence, The colonists, believed that governments were instituted among men to protect that all men are created equal and endowed with 3 rights, which are unalienable. Among these are, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." I know the wording is off, as this was on the top of my head, but this is from the Declaration. If these "governments" are created by the consent of the people, they are free to choose how to run it.

   So if someone were to right a petition that stops all the patent corruption and lobbying I would be happy to sign. Too bad, we might never see such a perfect petition, but we need to strive to make our government better before it implodes on itself. I mean we are at a loss of 4 billion a day, so spending has to be cut immediately. Spending has gotten out of control in Washington. The only reason we moved from Britain's hold, is that we fought the first war over an abstract idea. There might have been wars before like it, but this was the first truly fully for an abstract thing.

    Last time I checked the people are allowed to petition anything, and that petition must stand in Congress and Senate, or we won't vote for them…

    I wanted to keep this short, but I am just requesting if anyone has anything about hardware, logic gates, and any book that can get me jump started on chipsets and processors. I will be taking serious study into it, but I need somewhere to start.

Thanks, and Farewell,

Sunday, March 11, 2012


    I know ARM will not be coming to the desktop and personal computers for a while, well too bad. So I need to pick. I have decided when times come to be nicer, and I feel like it, and once I get the time where it will be useful, as I have no time yet. I will get one. Until then, I don't think so lol. But what do I really want to talk about. Somehow while writing a comment, I analytically compared an infinite paradox with Apple™ Incorporated.

    Why? First, we all know the PowerPerformanceComputing(PPC) story. Well if you don't here it is. Apple made an alliance with Motorola, and IBM. This was the AIM alliance. Well, first Motorola made all the components(wifi cards etc.), IBM made motherboards and processors, and Apple paid. Well, this all started in 1991. Then Adobe tried to get Apple to give in. They did this by saying that Flash™ is an open-source project, while neither of them are indeed. So after a while, Flash™ has been to work as a really bad product on most pre-Intel Macintoshes, and things were done to hurt Adobe's business too you know.

    First Apple tried converting the whole web to HTML5 and CSS, and something else. Well it's called WebKit, and I highly recommend looking it up. YouTube has a HTML5 layout called fallback, and it looks greater then Flash Youtube and is quicker on my Flash disabled browser. So either way shots have been taken, and now, Apple™ and Adobe™ will probably never come to par with eachother, and Flash™ will be left out of many iOS devices. Well why am I bringing this up if I am an open-sourcy at heart. Well the same thing happens here. Look at Google™ and Canonical™, I don't know, if there really is any rubbing between them. I do know that at a few occasions, Google wanted the PC world to move to ARM with Android 5.0, soon to be released. While Canonical wants Intel and AMD to stay as the top.

    The reason is many of Canonical™'s legacy apps are written for x86. Same with Apple and Microsoft. Well, the good thing is Google released 4 for phones and 5 for Netbooks/Tablets. Just like they did with 2/3, they are doing for 4/5. Ofcourse the phone versions work on anything, they always want to try moving the world to ARM. They have a partnership with MIPS. I don't think MIPS is really the way to go, because we have all 3 categories:

Top level servers: PPC then Intel's Xeon… Remember GPU power means nothing in Servers
High Level PCs: Intel and AMD
Low Level Hi efficiency: ARM

    Now where can ARM fit in here? Well back to the AIM Alliance.

    Why did Apple move to Intel. Well in 2000, the G3/4 line was really doing great the iPad offering perhaps t and were beating Intel. By 2003, Intel said, instead of trying to beat them in processors, let's beat them in motherboards, and better GPUs. Remember computers need a good Mobo and GPU for good use. So Intel started to push towards making great motherboards. They did, and by 2007 their motherboards surpassed IBM's. Well IBM's processors still are ahead of Intel's, their motherboards are not. This ended the AIM alliance after about 15 years. I really recommend clicking on the blue or purple link and reading it, it's short too ;).

    Well, this was before OS X, this was OS IX. Well this was 13 years before Ubuntu and actually the year Linux was written(or completed). Well back to me, if only I wasn't so selfish, well I think if times get just a tad better, where I can drop a $200, without having hesitations, I will get a G4 Powerbook. What? Well Firefox™ just crashed, that's the 3rd time since I got Ubuntu 11.04, which was April 14th. So I can't complain, because that was an unusual crash. I got to stop clicking the update button, I mean it's like after Firefox 4, things got less stable. I never had a single crash in Firefox 4, no exaggeration. I swear. I got about 3/4 in every version after. Well I really can't complain, but I will haha.

    I see my previous paragraph and I am not going to revise it, because I kind of think you'll get a lot of humour out of it. Well I will dual-boot Ubuntu and OS X Leopard on it, and also an SSD. I also plan on using that Firewire. I like other things. Without diversity, then we have lost evolution. I thought if I make a nice line, it'd sound good, but it sounds horrifying. Well, I plan on connecting nice Firewire external hard discs. It can be an iBook or a Powerbook, because an SSD will make it as fast as a new computer. I plan on doing all my work on it. I mean, I can always make a Hackintosh, but I'd rather take the laptop. Also Hackintoshes, are all Intel, atleast that I know of. There is no PPC hackintosh or ARM.

    I can see I went through a lot, and should stop before I keep going on my selfish wants lol. But