Monday, August 29, 2011

Operating Systems review.

Please state below about what operating system you would like. In the comments I would like to know what OS we should kick off with.

May it be a very popular distro of Linux as Ubuntu or Mint. Or perhaps a new laid off branch of Mageia. Or a very stable and most of you probably know Fedora. I right now will do a review of a OS and some software every week. I run right now a Dell Inspiron running Pentium processors and 2x 1 GB of RAM with Ubuntu 11.04.

I do not have a Windows computer or Mac so try to keep the OS within Linux free.

The ones that I can review right now:
Ubuntu 11.04
Linux Mint 11
Mageia 1

I will try the top distro from Distro-Watch every week, and make a review. I will also have a top 5 distro showdown every month.

So starting September will be the review of the most popular OS in the comments and the most popular distro in Distro Watch  (or 2nd if they are the same.)  So until then here are my top 5 pics for the week of Aug 24-31:
Linux Mint 11 - Driving a lot of attention.
Ubuntu 11.04 - Lost some gained some. Think they will move up or down?
Fedora 15 - Brought the developers a better OS.
Debian 7 - More diversity for developers.
Arch Linux - I don't know the version but it seems to be very popular.

Will check out Distrowatch later this week to see if my predictions filled the spot. Other then that
Next Week ~ Top commented OS
Sept 9 ~ Top distro OS
Sept 16 ~ Top software pick
Sept 23 ~ 3 reviews on the top distros
Sept 30 ~ Showdown of those 5 distros
October will be software.
Until then if you haven't tried a linux OS, then I believe you should go and do so.

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