Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 review

Ubuntu Review

I have now tried Ubuntu for some time. I personally like the Unity setup, but many have not been able to switch. That reason is because of demand of Gnome a GUI that has become one of the most popular GUI in the world, let alone the GNU~Linux World, it is the most popular GUI. While using a GTK engine on Ubuntu. The Ubuntu allows you to program in GTK and use Gnome as the output. This allows for more Universal setups, but when Oneiric comes with Gnome 3. This will change the whole setup. You can always uninstall the Unity Shell. Its only a shell, not a GUI. Back to the GUI, the most controversial decision for a Windows user.

Ubuntu Unity 

Gnome 3 in Fedora 15.

GUI 8.5/10

Now to the package management.

In Ubuntu the easiest way to get software, is a piece of software. Its Ubuntu Software Center. Its automatically served onto your system. Also the special software that would work through terminal or software that you need to download would be.

sudo apt-get install oneko
I used oneko cause its a favorite easy to use terminal ran program.

Then when ran

So the packages, the downloaded packages, would be done by Archive Manager automatically, or you can save it and do it by yourself. By doing the tar command. I have only used tar only once, that was for XAMPP, Linux Apache MySQL Python PHP.
Package Management 9.5/10 ~ not the easiest way, but one of the lightest ways to download.


Now drivers, the great thing of Linux drivers is that it uses CUPS "CUPS is the standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS® X and other UNIX®-like operating systems." ~ CUPS

Well there are a few others, but by far CUPS is the most useful. Without CUPS, there would be chaos, so later I will go onto the others.

Drivers 9.5/10

The overall score is a 9.5, Ubuntu is humanity to others in psychology of African tribes. So this would be named for its user-friendliness. Ubuntu is the most wide used Open Source Operating System. The 3rd most widely used OS. The most used Server OS for home servers.
So this concludes this September 2nd review, the reason its written early as I will not be back until the 9th.

Overall 9/10
Thats it for now. Next week will be on Linux Mint 11. Then Fedora 15.  The top 3 most downloaded in this month.

Not my video, the original user: quidsup.
~ Compare and Contrast

Not My video. 

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