Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fedora 15

I tend not to believe that this is true, but I have found that Fedora 15 will not take my Graphic Card. So I believe that this will be delayed, until I find a way to use Gnome 3 on my Desktop. Now I wonder how I can use Unity Gnome ~ Ubuntu. So I might start a review for:
Fedora 14
Zorin 5

So if you guys would like for me to do anything in particular, please let me know. I think its just a little tampered. So I will retry downloading the iso but you never know if there will be any avail. So until, almost wrote ubuntu on mistake, then I would like some feedback. Also still waiting for the Mint video from quidsup so if you would like to see his channel click on his name. I see he came with a Kubuntu Beta 1 review. So I might see that. But the way Ubuntu 11.10 looks I think I will keep 11.04. Maybe if Unity keeps going downhill I might switch to a customized Mint.

So "Farewell!"

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