Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fedora 15 Replacement Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1

I don't have a graphics card that is appropriate for Fedora 15, so I believe this will be of Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1. I like how they are expanding it. Ease of use, makes it a wanted distro for me. I dislike how it does its own new Dash, but the rest is very blossom-able to me. I will give you the pictures, but no score or anything, as this is a work in progress.

Software Center
** Very Important ** To be discussed later
Radiance is very nice
Gnome 3 under Unity
I believe that they use GTK 3 now. But I might just move it back to 2.x so I can do my stuff.
Ambiance Radiance look very nice now.

The new Login screen, it is a move that fits for what Ubuntu stands for
"Humanity towards others" which basically is a Motto we will cater the less powerful Linux users, for Windows and Mac users. So even though I might take a year of school to take all of the source of Ubuntu and mix it up to make a "homebrewed" OS. But I like where it is going. It is going to a place where I can be very happy. And many other people can be. Even though the play out has been Old Linux users ~ Debian, Mint, Fedora  New ~ Ubuntu. So you can see that Ubuntu is taking all of the newer users, and many people who want to see some Unity, like I. I would like XFCE and KDE. But always had GNOME.  But Unity and Gnome is like me and my old Mac liking. I had a liking for mac back then. But back to Ubuntu 11.10. Was giving some information, on why I have my likes with Ubuntu and am not a Unity disliker. You can always uninstall it! So just showing where I come from, so it is known that when it comes to me and Ubuntu it is biased, even though I try my best not to be.

So to a few pictures, they will not be cropped so you will see 11.04 around it.

Not my Picture!

So many changes. As to what I have to say, Great job Ubuntu, but many other distros are coming up to get you.

Farewell ~ J

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