Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2

Sorry that its so late, but lets put this into perspective:
Unity ~ A shell for the GNOME desktop environment
Ubuntu ~ A user friendly tagged with Linux for Human Beings that use a spectrum of environments
Canonical ~ An open source software company that profits from support and Ubuntu

So as Oneiric is still in testing, they have made 3 alphas and 2 betas, usually Alpha 1 is the most similar to the previous, and Beta 2 is a rough draft of the final Ubuntu.

So I came to remark on Beta 2, as Debian has been released a while ago. So I will wait for only new OS to come out rather then just randomly messing around.
Natty ~ was the first to deploy Unity, in a reliable environment
Oneiric ~ first to deploy Unity in a Gnome 3 environment.
So here it goes:

Graphical Installation ~ Finished
Boot Screen ~ Finished
This is very well, and must say, you guys must be bringing those old GNOME fans that left from 11.04, back. Its original, its Macish, if anyone liked that. It is for mac users, only with more freedom, more customization, and if you just like and are an Ubuntu user.

Cant wait for the final release as this is splendid!
I actually cant wait for 12.04, everyone who uses Ubuntu, knows that April is the month of radical changes, or very few changes with great stability, and that it will be the first Unity LTS. So I will have to use it as my new server, as yes, I will be building a server and replacing this place!

So here are a few pictures!

PS: I did do these in VB. Also changed the picture to an Ocelot from Wikipedia. I thought that it was more fitting. I also am working on that Ubuntus vs
Windows Mac. That might come with some funny commercials. PSS: Usually the people that make those videos are Ubuntu fans, and thats probably because atleast 1/2 the people that know about Ubuntu, use Ubuntu. So don't email me its Biased, as I know it is.

I saw that quidsup's Ubuntu Beta 2 Review I also want to do a Debian by Thursday, then a Debian Mint Ubuntu Natty sibling rivalry.

So Farewell, until next time.
Ubuntu 11.10 days to go

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