Monday, September 19, 2011

Mac vs Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows vs Kubuntu

I hope that in the near month, November, we will have 2, of perhaps the most Userfriendly (Windows and Mac users) Operating Systems.

So the first one:
Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric  vs Mac OSX 10.7 Lion;  the two sister OS, as in Note taking: recently: Dash, Launchpad ; and the Tool Dock on bottom, then was the Ubuntu Dock on left. So even though they both came up with their ideas, they usually share them. On the other hand we we have Kubuntu (That of which is like windows.) vs the Windows 7.

Speed 25 pts
Reliability / stability 20 pts
User Friendlyness 40 pts
Annoyance 15 pts (15 is least annoyed, 0 is most annoyed)
Software and packages 20 pts

So as to who will win it looks like this:(at the moment OVERVIEW!)
Ubuntu               Kubuntu                  Mac                         Windows
1st                          2nd                       2nd                              4th
2nd                         3rd                         1st                              4th
3rd                          3rd                        1st                             1st
2nd                          3rd                         1st                             4th
3rd                           3rd                          2nd                          1st

The reason Windows got 2 1st places were because of: Widespread use, many programmers use .bat and .exe for user friendly programs.
Mac over all looks like it has this one as high marks, but the lack of customization is what upsets me. Ubuntu has relatively high marks too, they from the same roots, are basically slightly difference in UI and Kernel, while Kubuntu has been disregarded by Canonical, as in publicity, as its for a normal Linux user.

So as I put more into it, we might find out that if lets say Windows has 2 20s and is only a few points off in the other category it might win. And same for Ubuntu, etc.
So I think that will be a blog in November, until then Farewell!

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