Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Final

Sorry for being so late. But Unity is cleansed, for the time being, that reminds me of pro tempore.  So let me just write a few words. And this:
  • Ubuntu is my primary OS.
  • Android would be my mobile OS.
  • Ubuntu is used by millions.
  • Ubuntu uses Linux Kernel
  • Ubuntu currently has 4-5 GUI(depending if Unity is a GUI or script(it is a script))
     I've recently gotten PlayonLinux which to my surprise have some very big games. Also Ubuntu has the nicest new customization with my dock
      Here are a few pictures:

      This last one is my customized one. (In Natty, this was just not worth it, but if the icons are too big, then I recommend it, or even if they are too small. It gets 10x bigger from smallest to biggest I think.)
    So I think that the version is much better then Natty. And I believe that 12.04 and 11.10 will be the replacements of 10.04. Ofcourse I will be building a server once 12.04 comes out.

    So here are a few things that aren't mine but will show:
    And Farewell, till I do I think Bodhi.

    And ofcourse not my video.

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