Saturday, October 22, 2011


Windows Lately my life has become very busy with Etraga, and I might say a few things about this:
> Sorry for the lame picture, but click it. (It was the only pic on hand.) I recently uncovered this while researching transfer from Windows to Ubuntu. I find it very interesting.

So I will conclude this week with that and next week I will have a Kubuntu review.

Farewell ~ And best wishes ~ J

home.php (testing file for now) 5 pages in 1
function.php (function page)
register.php (registration page) Finished
login.php ~ Not started
messages.php ~ Not started
reports.php ~ Not started
rallypoint.php ~ NS
square.php?building='bid' ~ NS

PHP + HTML + CSS strategy game based in 2000's era
in Development Mode
Beta Mode (March-June(aim))2012(Mid-early_late)
Server 1 after Beta1
Server 2 Speed Server x2 maybe 4-5 weeks after Server 1

Based entirely on the idea of Global Thermo-Nuclear War and was aimed for users that left Travian4 from Update.
5 Factions:
English Allies
Israel/India Pact

Each faction:
2-4 ground forces
2-4 types planes
24 Building slots
18 Fields

Beta - not polished
Server - HTML will be more interactive, and more Uranium items will be released (extras(to get bonuses))
Server2 - Game polished, speed

Costs ~ Game will be free. No adds except beta
Beta 1600
Server 10000 (We expect to lose money)
Server2 13000 (We expect to break even)

So maybe you guys can join my other blog at
Etraga Blog

So once again ~ Farewell and will write again next week

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