Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ubuntu 12.04 and Life

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 onto a desktop, which had Windows Vista, and it is very nice. Even though it isn't mine, I spend most of my time there. And Ubuntu 11.10 is a very great release. I also am seeing Ubuntu on ARM Microprocessors. Does that mean Ubuntu is becoming Mobile? Well we will wait till '14 and thats when we will see the Arm Ubuntu. I most certainly am going to be the top 4 to buy it from rumored Motorola or HTC, most likely HTC, seeing the Thunderbolt. And Droid(Motorola) Razr is also very nice, but I like the usability  not speed. So why am I talking about phones? Cause Mark Shuttleworth, released a blog saying that Ubuntu will be coming to ARM, which means: Phones, TVs, Tablets, and  a bit more. But what this means, Ubuntu will need to come out with something better then Android and iOS. But Android is a very nice OS, it is based on Ubuntu too. Even though they aren't officially backed, they share the same code banks, and some employees.

So what about Pangolin? The next version of Ubuntu. What we can expect to see is a polished 11.10 and lots more competition to Win8. Both OS, tablet era, mobile era, and they are moving. And even though Ubuntu is more suited for Desktops, and Netbooks. While Win8 is more suited for Tablets, Phones, So we will see lots of competition. I also still am building that server for Etraga. The project I have been undergoing for nearly 2 years in a week. More like 8 days. And I can say, we have 1 server completed, and 1 server being built. So hopefully by the Summer, the version: Achilles, 1.x, and we have a date of June 18th. This will be considered the Open-Beta. As the closed-beta will be very strict. And the OS will be RHELS. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, a Windows 2008 Server alternative, made for more dynamic websites, for $799. While the open-Beta will be on Ubuntu Server 11.10.

Pangolin in my opinion is already sounding very good. Unlike Natty, Oneiric was what they said it will be, "a polished version of Unity integrated" and it was. It wasn't perfect, but it was polished. Precise Pangolin, is supposed to be, "A perfected Oneiric." So where will the ARM go? And Pangolin is very nice version, and I am eager for Ubuntu 14.04.
2014 Phone

So I hope I didn't upset my usual readers, and that they don't leave me, and write more comments. That would help boost this up a lot. So if you like getting your weekly dose of Distros, then rank this as up. And comment.

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