Friday, November 4, 2011

Kubuntu 11.10


I consider it to the people I install it for, KDE is Windows, and Unity is Mac, while GNOME is what Mac aimed once to be. All the statements are relatively accurate. Not too many people would argue that Ubuntu has a close rivalry with Mac, and Kubuntu is the KDE lovers Ubuntu. I also noticed that Xubuntu has gained many ranks up in distrowatch.

So I will start by saying I have no pictures. I have been caught up celebrating Ubuntu's birthday with trying to install 4.10. I have come to no avail. So if anyone can help, just leave a comment please.

Also Kubuntu has a good amount of RAM-usage. Also I am right now, building a small server, long story I should go through. I recently am acquiring an old 512 MB 32 Bit Windows XP Dell Inspiron. And am making a trade for a computer I am building, it got the BSOD so he switched to Ubuntu:
32(even though the machine is a 64 Bit) Bit Ubuntu 11.10
AMD Phenom II
500 GB HD
If I need a Video card, I will take it out of my "server" and replace it with a crumbly one from a old laptop.

So back to Kubuntu. If you aren't willing to make a big change: Linux Mint and Kubuntu 11.10 should be them. Else Lubuntu and Xubuntu are there, and if you were a Mac fan boy: Ubuntu.
I will leave this as Ubuntu and Kubuntu have very few differences:

Waiting for Permission ^


Once again not my videos.

So farewell ~ J

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