Friday, December 2, 2011

The colors

I laughed when I saw the error, that I most likely did. I most likely need to rewrite the HTML, but for now, I will have to deal with this issue. So sorry if the color is kind of annoying. It might be a Google error. Maybe some library issue, but I also wanted to write that my project Etraga is coming out well. I have 3 servers.

Dell Inspiron from 2003:
Intel Pentium ~ Will be underclocked soon
512 MB RAM
250 GB HD
RHELS 2012

Dell Inspiron from 2009:
Intel Pentium 4 ~ Will be underclocked soon
320 GB HD
RHELS 2012

Achilles ~ Will be done when needed
AMD Phenom x3 (2 Cores)
500 GB HD
RHELS 2012

In the inspirons I will most likely do the coding and most likely use one(2003) as the Home page. The first game, we aim to have it playable for the summer gamers, by May. If not, we will have to finish it unpolished. I mean I have seen the actual game design, and its very well. It has Economy, Military, Nuclear Warfare, Capitols, Capitol Cities, and a few more things. The game seems to be a very modern, but not RPG, or any of that 3d stuff, nor 2d. As far as HTML will take us. So I hope that you guys will be there when the summer game is released, I got my hands on 300 registration codes. I will be doing a raffle where you enter your email to my little page, with the code from here. And I will have it pick 300. The map will be 50x50 with the -50x-50. so 50x50+(-50x-50). So I hope the PostgreSQL will be finished by December 24th. I will take a break from the 25th - 10th. So 16 days of idleness? Nope, I will work on the php through a program called Webmin. I have PHP 5.3.8. I still am in love with my 4.5.x versions, when I learned PHP. So I hope to see you all when I finish this week, I will start PostgreSQL. I've got some real-life work. The 12th beyond should be opened up. So the 15-25 will be database, all the way to March, I will do PHP.

7:27 December 2nd. I've got a report due on the 5th, then another on the 7th, and the big one on the 9th and 10th. So I have very little leniency this next 2 weeks. So don't expect a lot of writing. I will be writing throughout Saturday the 5th Report. And the 7th I will do on the 5th and 6th. Then 7th I have extras after curriculum, which happens to be my birthday. So on the Friday, I have to practice for the 10th. So I've got one jam-packed week. And I wouldn't expect much until the 24th. I also got my hands on a Windows Vista computer. No password. So I will just scoop it into a server.

So see you later!


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