Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mac Fans

I mean I am getting sick of Mac fans, not because they are fanatic, but that they are sucked into a unilateral thinking objective. I mean if I talk I hear Mac vs PC. PC stands for Personal Computer, rendering Macintosh as a PC. It doesn't stand for, Windows Computer. That would be Mac vs WC. Ubuntu also isn't part of Mac vs PC vs Ubuntu. Its Windows vs OS X vs Ubuntu, with versions. Or even, Brand of Windows computer, Macintosh, and brand with Ubuntu. I mean obviously Mac is going to win. The software is built around the Hardware. Windows and Ubuntu can render on nearly any Intel or AMD computer. So thats not fair is it?

No one is going to tell me that a Mac Book Air, a netbook, is worth $999, bare. While a fully built Lemur from System76, is worth 599. Thats $400, and the cheaper is better hardware wise.

If you're a Macboy, I mean buy whatever you want. But just don't spread rumors. Or propaganda. Or sometimes I hear some marketing propaganda. If you really believe in this injustice, then please do. But don't spread marketing propaganda, total bs, or rumors.

You want to do that, please do that in the Mac fanboy forums.
Thank you

I hope this opens a lot of eyes, and closes some mouthes, so truth can spread. Buy a Mac, no problem, marketing lies in my ears, thats something totally different. I also will put a few pics of my setup.

I tried getting my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 working, but didn't know how to use it so I don't know what to do.

My Wallpaper,
Lucky for me I made it turn my dock black so I knew I was in my workspace switcher. By using the program MyUnity and clicking Smart Thinker, which changes as it goes.. PS I have 4, like every other Ubuntu user.
I'm an Ubunut(lol) but I don't lie about it. I mean fan-boys are just sucked into a marketing scheme, not that they are bad people.

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