Sunday, December 18, 2011

Etraga Again

So I am putting together a router and modem etcetera tomorrow, easy stuff. Then I will but the server onto it. Then I will put: Apache PostgreSQL, PHP, and vim-nox. Its vim, but for servers. So I can do quick changes. Then I will use a DNS program, when it is all ready. I will have the DNS for all my servers, just with mapping etcetera. So we've got one heck of a challenge ahead at Etraga. But we will get it done. We are still missing images, but if we can't get a graphic designer, we will just use open-source images.

I want to say this before people email me it, Etraga, will only use Open-Source software and Paypal. Etraga will aim to stay fair, charge at an appropriate price, and we want to strive for the love of the open-source community. Free-software is a little radical for now. So lets aim for Open-Source right now. I mean unnecessary stuff like games, I agree can be charged for, but OS, office apps, browsers stuff like that, I believe cannot be charged for. To stay in a fair language.
From I the Head PHP and SQL Developer

So Etraga is looking fine. We have a small budget, but with it we have watered ourselves down, to create the game to a 160k absolute value. Too bad this value doesn't mean anything at all to a normal stock buyer, it will not hurt us. This value will only help in the future. We did this all with near $1500.

Etraga will not sell stock until it seems to mature into the market.

So I hope these are promising looks but here is our schedule.

February backends are finished
March ~ A private 3x (Achilles 1.5.x)Server 3 monthes
July ~ A fully open 1x (Achilles 2.0.xx)Server Should run for a near 10 monthes
December ~ A "Championship Server" ~ This will be 2 games long
The top 500 players of each faction will be inducted to the large games, these will be a 2x (Ajax 2.x.xx)

So I hope this also looks promising, I will release a website where you can get a raffle for the private 3x Code, and the top 500 players will automatically be registered into the Open one.

I think the Rules will be finished, very soon.

So Farewell and Good Luck

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  1. Rules and Code of Conduct
    ∞ By registering, you agree to all of the below
    §1 One shall not exploit any bug, glitch or "trojan".
    Consequence: Death(Admin) Will decide

    §2.1 One shall not post anything, with knowledge of it being inappropriate.

    §2.2 One shall not have curses of any language in any text.

    §2.3 One shall not mail to another player any curses.

    2.1 2 Strikes before 1 Week ban
    2.2 1 Strike before 3 day ban + emptying of resources.
    2.3 1 Week ban

    §3 One shall not undermine the Administrators or Support.

    Consequence: Total Ban

    §0 Try to have fun, and these rules are relatively easy to cope with, just to keep nonsense out of our stuff. So good luck, and have fun!

    Consequence: Loss of intriguingness

    This is a Mock I just made up! So these don't have any significant meaning