Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hacking Starts

Hacking is a term for using the Terminal to create something that can benefit the user.
Cracking is a term to destroy someone's previous works to find exploits

So I am hacking at it again! I am installing Ubuntu Server Oneiric. I will be keeping everyone up to date with my SQL and database skills. I will move over to my laptop, where I will keep you informed, and maybe you guys will like my Ubuntu flavors, as I will say I am Ubunut(I think I just coined it). Well here is the todo list:
and thats it for tonight. I have 960 for the final version, where I will buy everything. But Windows wasn't in my mind. And I didn't want to become an iTool(Heard it when I was shopping, so no its not mine).

I am a bit hyped, and maybe not showing it enough, but this is bigger then my .NET projects(Visual Basic). After I saw how proprietary software is corrupt, I switched to open-source. Even though I support free-software, I do think it's a bit radical. I think software should be licensed under MIT(open-source sold) and GPLs(open-source not-sold).

So even though I have it ready I will keep an semihourly update until about 1am, unless I decide to sleep before.

So farewell! And wish me luck into this nice server!

~ I am working on Priam the 512 MB RAM, old Pentium, and no OS.
This is for the Home website, no game

Hector ~ 2 GB RAM, Pentium 4, no OS

Achilles(not done) ~ 4 GB RAM, AMD Phenom x3, no OS, (SATA, Fan, and Power not done.)

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