Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good Days

I am pretty happy. I have work I will do next week. But I will be away from Thursday 3ish until Saturday night. So I am going to be busy, so we are having our last meeting, then I will do all the PHP while I am away, then Tuesday I will slip everything onto a physical server, meaning the Database will be complete. I am ecstatic! My first project, will be complete this year. I am relatively young, but this project is turning. I hope my grammar isn't too shabby, but I noticed my grammar slipping a little bit lately. Just as my previous sentence. I had too many clauses, and my previous sentence was a phrase. So I will agree my grammar is soggy, I wasn't the best in my class. I mean my majors would be Math and PHP(if it were a major), and web development.

So Etraga is doing fine. I also decided to rename my author name. My new author name is

So Farewell!

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