Monday, December 26, 2011

40th Post!

This is our official 40th post. I learned that my "Canonical" marketing scheme, was hated, so I decided to take it down. I still think Canonical has to market. but here is what needs to be done. and no body can say this is wrong.

Built in software:
Dictionary ~ The new one is nice, and perfect!
MyUnity ~ It should be built in so people have more power again.
*Movable Dock ~ People want it on their right or bottom all the sudden.
Ambiance ~ When you switch, it should be on the bar and dash too.
12.04 ~ Needs to be "ELTS" Extra Long Term Support. So you have time to work on mobile Ubuntu
Mozilla Firefox 9 ~ Just because its open source.
More "flashy" icons ~ We need more animations to be achievable with MyUnity, and a new icon set.

Canonical needs to market Ubuntu Precise Pangolin.
Maybe make a collector's artwork disc, and have it retailed ~ Brainstorming thats all
Rthymbox needs to have Ubuntu Music support.
Android Support

I mean most Ubuntu users aren't brainstorming, the reason that Canonical did what they did was to get mass-adoption. Isn't that what we want too? So lets merge the community with the company. So whos with me? I mean, everyone who loves Open-source, what happened to open-minded too? I mean do both, and we will be much better off!

I mean being an Ubunut(I coined it lol), I love most of what Canonical did. I mean, I liked Banshee, but if Rythmbox can do it, then ok. I mean we need change. If there were no changes, we would be working on 4040 processors with a slow CLI. I mean we never even hear of a slow CLI today. Or any device with less then 256 MB RAM.

So here is a very good article from the New York Times, a very popular news paper here in New Jersey. Software NY Times

Who's with me!

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