Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

December 4th 2011,
Today, while this is released, it will be my birthday, Dec 7, and I am happy. I couldn't write this on my birthday, cause I will be away the whole day. Since it is I thought that since the next, Ubuntu release for a working person, who doesn't have time like I do, to switch every 6 monthes. It will be a LTS, Long Term Service Release. And in 2006, the LTS was held back due to lawsuits, and other reasons.

So if you're a real hard worker, with no time to have fun. Then Ubuntu Precise Pangolin will be the release for you.

I mean do not take a look at older releases: Lucid, Natty, Maverick, Oneiric. As this will be a one of a kind release. If the rumor: It will be an extra long LTS, due to being the last on Desktop, is true. Then this release will be used by a lot of people. Hopefully it will have a longer support time then XP, but most likely not. I doubt it will be supported for more then 5 years. But due to the 2014 release going on phones, this will be the last true desktop LTS. After this release I believe that Ubuntu's next 3 releases will be for making it into the mobile world.

PS: If you're not a developer stick to LTS. Developers please use the latest version. This advice saved hundreds of thousands of people. So take care.
The versions for non developers : 10.04, 12.04(The best for notebooks, desktops, laptops,), 14.04 I hope that you see the pattern. And I will get a 14.04 phone. I think that only LTS versions will go on phones anyway. 16.04 will probably be the best, but, I don't think anyone has 4 years to wait for an Ubuntu Phone. Google will also make sure Ubuntu gets on Phones on the right track.

So take a look into 12.04, which is 4 months away. Don't take a Oneiric copy, unless you're a developer.

Questions and Hypothesis about Precise Pangolin. Remember Hypothesis not Answers.

Q: Why did we switch to Rythmbox?
A: Since Ubuntu is being built for mobile devices, a light music player will do better then a RAM consuming Banshee.

Q: Why did they keep Unity?
A: They kept it because, it would do better then GNOME which is built around Desktop and Laptops. Since Unity works better on Small screens, and even touch screens.

Q: Should I switch to 12.04 and wait till 14.04?
A: Yes, I believe that 12.10, will be a mess, and 13.04 might be a bit better. But 13.10, will be the deciding version, and will tell if the decisive Precise version will succeed or not.

Q: When will we see Ubuntu on Phones?
A: We might see some previews by 13.10, but it will not be stable till 14.04.

Q: Will only LTS versions be used in Phones?
A: I believe thats the best way to go.

Q: Will they split into 2 versions after 12.10?
A: I believe they might. But most likely not.

Q: Will other desktop 'faces' be brought to the phone business?
A: I believe that Canonical will decide to stick to Unity, but other operating systems will most likely bring KDE Mobile to the market. I don't think the other UI's will come to the market, as they were on the idea of Desktops. The makers may switch markets, but I think the end is near for: XFCE, LFCE, etcetera.

Q: Will the market of OS close up a bit after this Mobile transition?
A: Most likely it will be first come, first survive. So other OS, will drop. As this whole market change, is revolutionizing our lives. We will most likely loose the need for desktops, even custom soon. And notebooks will be the custom way. As the only need for desktops are servers. And servers are disappearing too. Only bigger businesses have servers these days.

Farewell! Good luck to all! And I hope that people making an Ubuntu change, will wait for April 2012.


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