Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Etraga Project

So to wrap this up. I am giving my dear cat a  bit of a pill, but to practice my Server ability, I will take a tiny server, slap some CENTOS, and use my coin game. I finished it, and will release a video. So whoever is up for it, will be allowed to play it.

What is it?
It is a simple guessing game, I had written in PHP 5.3.8, and it seems fully functional, and very safe, especially at over 300 combined lines of PHP. I wrote in a course of an hour, and mostly will be spending time on the server, not the actual game for the beginning. In an hour I did 3 versions: 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 which each have no errors. This also allows me to pick my domain for the actual real game. Also since we have a very skim budget, we will have advertisements. I am so sorry, but to put a good budget, I want a broadcast of over 300,000 plays. Which if I make an ad on the right side, no noise. At .5¢, that brings $1500 in. So this will allow us to pay the first checks. I mean 300,000 is a shot at high numbers, but if the average player probably will play around 100 times in an half an hour. That means in 1 hour, with just 30 visitors, it will take a 100 good hours, once we hit half a million plays we will take ads down. That means I will get $400, for around 45 hours. That's just less then $10 an hour. My partner will receive a bit less $400. The other $1700 is for the game.

So if you want to help out, just play our mini game. I promise, from what I aim for, the real Etraga game will have no ads whatsoever. We just need to push a paycheck and get some revenue. I know its a small game, but its easily addictive. I mean I sat there, and went 30-20 in about 10 minutes. It is fully functioning. It will have a reset, login with built-in game, and register in the first start. I think we will have to also add a prize. The highest win ratio with over 300 games. We will have a set win day. They will win a something around $300.

This isn't a great game, but it is meant to support the real game. So if you want a really good game to be released(free to play) with no ads, just play the mini-game until we generate enough revenue.

Thank you, and sorry for some bad news,

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