Monday, January 16, 2012

Explains everything

The servers are being put up, and we have nearly depleted our budget. No problem, I have also misread the needed funds. We would like to make 1250 in the coin game. Not $11,500. So we will take down ads, once we reach that number. Also, after the main game is released, we will pull a new sub-domain with the "coin game". Also we need a DNS server provider. We need someone who has no problem with keeping it all up, otherwise we lose our Domain. I also think to save energy, we will switch to ARM servers. If support comes to it. Which most likely will not as I can see. Atleast we will use ARM on our smaller devices, just like Apple(supposedly) and Microsoft(in the next link)
Also to the UEFI issue, here it is: UEFI Issue

Farewell, trying to keep it short.

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