Saturday, January 7, 2012


As I learn more of the politics in France and Britain in the 18th century, I learned, that many Americans were against dealing with the issue. Who won the Revolutionary War? The French, who really won? The Americans, even though Ben Franklin spent years dealing with the French. He saw the country needed to expand. So finally after trying to let the French have the best post-war deals, they cut them out to make sure, America can move past the Appalachian Mountains.

What we need to do is make sure us, as Americans, don't put chains to big companies by buying Apple and Microsoft products. I mean if you needed "one" then pick Windows. Why? Microsoft has been a better company then Apple has ever been. But I took my chains off and I used something with Freedom! I use Ubuntu, and Android. Why? I have freedom to change it, and use in any way. PS its super fast, and most apps are also freedom, MIT licensed etcetera.

That's my way to Freedom. Always will be, and already is.

So about my Server work, I am buying a book, on DNS, and once I finish that book, and a nice break comes, that is what I will do. After the Etraga project I will step down, but I will buy more of it, if its good. Right now I own 13-17%, 13 if the 4% buying is declined, and 17 if its accepted. Most likely I will own 17%. If they only give me 2, this will be the first sale of share, and it will be worth $48,000. A company with a 48k pricetag with no revenue, is a bit remarkable. But this is more of a donation. I am sure they can easily put my work into it: 30 hrs a week for 2 weeks. Is $35 hour, so 2100 in work. So 3060 all my efforts for 15-17%. That means the value of the company is: 20,400-18,000. That's if they want to do the legitimate way. If they want to do the way I want, because 13% should be given to me, when the company had 0 value, meaning its worth 153k, the real "business way." So everything is stuck at that point when I went to buy 2-4% for $1000. So adding my hours, 3060 all in all. So business its 2% for 3060. Logically it's 15% for 3060.

So out of the box this company has a legitimate start.

Any way, I also will have PRIVATE SERVERS, what that is, is that I can test out the newer versions. Our big servers will be AMD Phenoms. Our privates will be Beagleboards. Also my home computer is BeagleBoard and they run great! Maybe a little missing RAM, but for a cheap home computer, its great. We will have to wait for the big market boom, when Win8 comes out, for anything missing to be filled.

So farewell and Achilles will be released around the summer.

Achilles is our Etraga Achilles, which is Etraga v1.2.xx or v1.3 depending if it needs fix.

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