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In my previous post, I wrote that I was told that Microsoft was in a chokehold with the open-source community. Basically it was either going to be gun point assassination of the mass-adoption of open-source, or even more radically, open free software. I mean I believe in closed-source, but with little "profit". I mean I know, mostly younger audiences, believe in proprietary end-user destroying code. I can say this is due to lack of idols. The world, and when a kid interested in Operating System technology, really look at Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. When they should be looking at idols as: Dennis Ritchie, the creator of "modern" software. I have modern quoted, because his language is still the backbone of 99% of modern languages(PERL, PHP, C++, Python) all can be traced to C. And then we have Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, he took C farther from Assembly. Even Tim Perdue, we can say he had a great impulse on the Web. Tim Berners-Lee, he created the web. We still use his HTTPd(Hypertext Transfer Protocol daemon).

For software to take steps in the younger community, we need to get better idols for kids. This is why we won't see the wide-spread use of open-source for a while. I mean, great for Canonical to sticking to my plan. They finally are changing the icons, and making more "built-in" apps. So all who criticize my plan, really are being turned.

More on my previous post: I asked someone, well told, him about the Microsoft DMA issues. If you want more information, please go to my previous post. If this will be easily done. He said we have it fine: 1: MS will not destroy their only competitor, then they will officially be a Monopoly. 2: They will not want to be fined millions by the EU. So as long as the EU is here, Microsoft will be stunted in their "supposedly illegal" ways of gaining the public. So I think that just threw an arrow to Canonical's knee, but they will keep going. So, I think I will keep Ubuntu as my main OS, and since Precise Pangolin is suppose to be the best OS in the world, I think we will finally surpass Mac OS X in the next PC Magazine best software of the year.
Operating System
GOLD: Apple OS X Lion 10.7.2
$29.99 direct
The most elegant, reliable desktop operating system, now with iCloud online syncing! Apple's new operating system takes a page from the company's wildly popular tablet, the iPad, with its own App Store and Launchpad program starter. Other notable new capabilities include full-screen apps, versioning, autosave, better Multi-Touch support, and the impressive AirDrop file transfer. And if that's not enough, the new iCloud service syncs your mail, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, photos, and iWork documents. It also includes "Find My Mac"—most useful for MacBooks inadvertently left in cafes.—MM
SILVER: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)
Some Ubuntu purists will hate the direction Canonical took with the latest OS releases, featuring more Windows 7 and Mac-like interface features and the Unity online syncing service. But the resulting increased usability is poised to win new converts to the open-source, number-three desktop operating system.—MM
" taken from PC Mag We have to wait for 2012, which is probably waiting for Ubuntu Precise and Windows 8.

So as we wait, we will wait. As to you(the new to Ubuntu and Fedora community) let this let you know Ubuntu surpassed Windows 7 in PC Mag. I am not that type of Ubuntu Purist either, I was born with Macs on my lap. I changed to Ubuntu, and that all changed. Now I have a Lemur Laptop on my lap, with a SSD, and extra RAM in it.

Too Much Power!
I want to jump off of that for a minute. I learned that most components of a computer, with an x86 processor, are too weak for Intel and AMD processors. Thats why I am moving to the ARM processor, once Windows 8 comes out with support, we will know, that the world will change to ARM. Why? ARM is $149+ cheaper. ARM needs no fan, and is low voltage. Most people used the processors for kiosks, and gaming consoles(PlayStation), but once they open it up, and add a lot more RAM, we will have a real, operable computer. The BeagleBoard needs more RAM! The BeagleBoard is a small computer, that really is only good enough for Android 4 and below. Why? RAM, and Hard Disk. The processing is there, but needs more RAM, and HD. Once Windows 8, I expect to see many companies like Dell, HP to sell full fledged 64 bit ARM computers with Windows 8. Why? AMD and Intel processors are very strong, and an ARM will not slow down the computer, with sufficient RAM. These modern ARM computers just need RAM, and Hard Disk. I am waiting for Windows 8 to come out. Why? Right now they have insufficient RAM, and Hard Disk. When Windows 8 comes out, RAM will be more necessary to stay in the business. Why? Only people who do this, will be able to sell a cheap computer, with the abilities of normal desktops. Plus these things take like 4-20 watts. Modern computers take 400-1000 watts.

So as I wait for Win8, I will use AMD. Once again RAM and Hard Disk will be necessary when Win8 comes out. Ubuntu 11.10 will not work on it right now. So if Texas Instrument is reading, get ready. The market is changing again. I say, more RAM, more hard disk, is a must for ARM. Intel is getting greedy, so the change is becoming inevitable. You will compete with APUs, but ARM will most likely dominate.

Farewell, and sorry for being so long and repeating, but just making a point.

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