Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Writers

I know how you guys are missing the normal write ups. Well I am recruiting new writers, if you would like to join, email me. I am right now getting somebody, and you will know who writes what by the closer. Well, for now we will be here, but I really need a hobby, so I am getting a G4 server and doing this there. Well the main issue is static IP, and DNS, Bind9, everything I am not very rusty on. Well here is the server I will be getting on the road.

Xserve G4 Dual 1.3GHz. 

I cannot fix the capitol letters sorry, I don't know what was going on.

Why not just get an Intel server from Apple for 100 more? 
Well first I don't like Intel's products. I like IBM's Power line, in this line today: G7
256 core running at 4.25Ghz and 16GB RAM each core. Well if only Apple kept with the Power line...

Why not get an Ubuntu Server from System76?
Well first at System76™ they use Intel, in every product. Plus I like the BSD reliability over the Linux community.

Why do I like BSD over Linux and easily over QDOS(and Windows NT)?
Well, I like BSD because of the more commercial support.  

Anyway… why G4/5?
I like them, and I don't have the money to buy 2 256 core G7s now do I? Well G4s will do. 

 I would like to wrap this up, eat lunch, read a book, and then I will do some reports.

I have just one question: How come I get so many viewers but so few write comments? 

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Well Farewell,

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