Friday, February 24, 2012

Well we're well past

As I reason, the more I hate Apple™. Why? First does anyone know why they made the move to Intel? Well, they knew that G5 chips were too hot to be in a laptop, so they made the move. Well nope. P.A. Semiconductors had a G5 chip that actually is more efficient then the Core Duo. Well I would really have loved Apple if they kept with IBM or moved to TI. Well anyway I might want to blow through a few bucks buy:

PowerBook G4 off the shelf
HD: Upgrade to 150 GB 7200 RPM
DDR: Upgrade to 4 GB PC3200
OS: upgrade to OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC

PowerMacintosh Dual G5 ots
HD: Upgrade to 2x 1TB 7200 RPM
DDR: Upgrade to 8 or even 16(if I can find a 8 dimm model)
OS: upgrade to OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC.

You see I have to move away from Linux a bit, as I am losing lots of ground. When I get files I can't keep a backup then have to keep switching formats, I know, I know lots of the programs do it for me. But remember I have to be able to use binary blobs too. So my main machine probably be the Powerbook™, but the big boy will do my heavy work. Remember G5 processors were(and would be if Apple didn't leave) faster and better then Xeon™, by far.

Youtube Video of G5 Computer I might get something like this.

Well I also feel like getting a Mac Mini G4 for a file server.

Here is the story I have researched. The G5™ processor came out from IBM, and a few companies were given it. Well, they did make them, now the issue on laptops was: Power! These bad boys were power crazy. Well P.A. Semiconductor was looking to do business with Apple and they got a G5 to use less power then an Intel Core 2 Duo, but Apple was making the move to Intel the following week. This was Apple trying to save 100 million from investing into the G5/6. Well, I am watching the All Star Game Rookie game, and I am writing at the same time, so it's hard. I am rooting for Marshon Brooks to get the game rolling too.

Well I want to close up, and maybe you guys will be interested in watching this:

Of course they moved to XServe, but if Apple just paid up a few bucks we would have the most amazing setup, but they moved to Intel for more money. Oh well. I still might get them, just cause the G4 and G5 are great.

Well that's it.

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