Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Java, Travian and Minecraft

After reading the first chapter of Java, I went to buy a few Java programs. I bought Minecraft™. I love it. Too bad I'm bad at it. Well I also will start playing games again, especially Travian. I have loved Travian, an inexpensive Web game. I recently started on Com9 and now have to go to sleep, and by using my head, I have figured it is safe to sleep.
Wood ~ 14hr till fill
Clay ~ 15hr till fill
Iron ~ 21hr till fill
Wheat ~ 30hr till fill

I also want to put a few disclaimers, my game was based on Travian™. My game was shut due to lack of founds and that the market has closed it's opening. So I reverted back to Travian. I will learn the PCBs, and all those goodies, and am learning Java. I will write a review of the first few chapters on Friday.

My audience has shrunk to a few a day, if we could boost those numbers, I'd be happy for that 10-15 a day again. We are at like 3.


The reason it took me 10 days, was I have been injured and in a bit of pain, so I skipped a week. We will be fully back soon.

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