Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travian indepht and Ubuntu Pangolin

Now for all you wanderers I will let you know Ubuntu Pangolin is out in April! Less then a month away! That means Mint(Biggest Ubuntu derivative) is out a few weeks later. It will have:
Ubuntu TV(Like AppleTV but more like GoogleTV with less commercial support, so GoogleTV is the one to get right now)
Ubuntu 12.04(x86) Desktop will also be out
Ubuntu 12.04(for TI™ ARM and a few others) This is going to be really good

I know how much hype there was when Oneiric came out. This one will be 3-5x bigger. Android, Ubuntu, are by far the largest Linux OS.


I really loved this game. They did many changes but still much of the same concept, shh. I have a great setup. I will not get into it, but it has to do with my adventuring.

I want to talk about my seen difference as I have never played(4.0). Well in T4, the Hero is very important. I see how they centred the game around him. Now what you do is use that Hero. Also how they upgraded the graphics. It used to look like my first designs(well mine was based on it o_O). Now it looks like a large corporation redesigned it. Instead the original authors used much of the game's profit to bring it up to date. I can't say I like it more, but I don't really dislike the new stuff. It sure speeds up the game though…

In T3.5, the one I played heavily, had many faults and many good things too. I don't think they really fixed it completely. I think they moved the blanket onto another side and expanded it though. What I really don't like is the use of bots and how inexperienced players can get ahead but people like me who devote a good amount of time and effort can hardly get ahead of the pack. Now I won't lie I used bots, and I'll let you know. What it does, it kills the fun from the game. People get fun and competitiveness mixed up. Well I'll rap it up here.

The next few weeks will be about Ubuntu and Travian. 

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