Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just dropping a blog

I wanted to write a short sum of Windows 8, because I read something about it earlier. So how bout, It's doing much better then Ubuntu these days on other architectures. I mean all my ARM computers will be using it… While my AMD machines will use Ubuntu. Ubuntu has no ARM competition, and no I will not use to many other OS's. I will in June(coming up) write a nice post on my WoA experience. If you don't know what WoA is, I'll give you a few minutes to pick it up. Well also I will be doing a Precise Pangolin install on a Pandaboard vs WoA Pandaboard. Woa is the codename Microsoft™ will be using for Windows on ARM Computers. I have to say doesn't it sound like, "Woah", as in we will be saying that when we use it? Well I think I'll leave that there, as I have a lot of work today, and need to be going right now.


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