Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple and Ubuntu note taking

It looks like just as Ubuntu had notes on Mac. Canonical wanted an EVEN more user friendly OS. They made the dock. It looks like Mac is taking the idea of the Dash with Launchpad.

Unity Dash
The use of colors have become more and more integrated. But I like the relationship. It makes both of them the kings of the *nix world. Now with Ubuntu 11.10 Beta, we will see if it resembles more of its beta or Mac. Amazingly to my surprise. 8% of OS share go to Mac. 3-5 % Ubuntu. So as more and more people choose Ubuntu these numbers will get more and more even. So as to which is better? Personal preference! Unity ~ Ubuntu, OSX ~ Mac.

So as this rolls out, we will see how it ends out as.

~ J Farewell till next time.

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