Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Linux in the World today

This article is mostly about Ubuntu, why? I am to Ubuntu as an Mac fanboy is to OS X. So here is a very interesting vlog about Linux moving to the Market. I can't stress this more, Ubuntu, needs marketing. Like Android. I mean here is the video and tell me what you think.

He typically puts Linux as Ubuntu Android, and only because they are big OS with the Linux Kernel. Remember Linux is the kernel, not the OS. The OS is a bundle of programs, which work around the Kernel. 
Then we have to counter.

So there it is, I hope to have responses. So leave a comment, and farewell!


That was my challenge response and here is the PHP for it:
Download Challenge1.php

The project was to make a program that would allow a user to input everything and get the symbol outputted


So I think I did well.

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