Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

I recommend this for people who know about Hard Disks and Proprietary Vendors.
Otherwise please skip this one.

Well I went and celebrated this new years, with a party. What I learned at the party was more important. So I want to put down a few facts before getting down to the point. I met a man who was working on fixing the master boot-loader issue, read on for what it is. This man said Microsoft is trying to sneak a piece of code, that would allow Windows to delete everything besides Windows on the Hard Disk. So he set out to create a project like GRUB, but this project will be built into the BIOS, I mean built in technically. He said the recent vulnerabilities in GRUB allow Windows to overwrite the Hard Disk, as long, as Windows is on it. He worked at many companies, and now is a banker, with an interesting patent. I would like to get more information, but for now here is what I have. He acknowledges that Proprietary Vendors like Apple and Microsoft are cracking down, on to the openness of the computer industry. He said, that GRUB has one major flaw: It allows any OS to rewrite partitions, without a user password. He said, he also will be making software for it, and that might be open-source but it will truly only work, if you have his special hardware, I believe. He believes that having such an open master boot-loader can destroy innovation, by allowing a partition to exploit other partitions. I will write more, but for now, good night!

So before I get off, and end this short blog, have a safe Happy New Year, and healthy.
So farewell !

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