Saturday, January 28, 2012

50 posts

Well we hit 50 posts. I have to say this moved very quickly and a great job here. As I write this Texas Instruments released their OMAP5430 for mobile devices and OMAP5432. The great moves have allowed for the 4 GB barrier to be broken, by going to a 64 bit technology. Don't worry, they have a 40 bit address, so no resources truly wasted. So here it is

2 Full Power cores for heavy intensive work
2 Low power cores for idling and battery saving
2 GH speed

So the mobile version will have:
2 GB RAM(When we need it, 4 GB(4 GB DDR2 for Mobile)
2 Full and 2 low power cores
2 GH speed most likely to be underclocked.

So we can see mobile smart phones having a cheap 2 GB DDR2 ram set, by the end of the year.

I also suspect that large companies will release a Windows 8 on a board with 4 GB RAM, and it actually is about the ATOM processor in workability, but, the best part. It will be like 10 volt and 12 watt consumption vs todays 200 watt standards. So if you will be dual-booting, which I hope will be able in ARM technology, or not, it will be worth it.


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