Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why is Open-source so important?

I wanted to write this, cause, I have a tiny bit of time, and will finish it when I'm back and done with my work. For now I will talk on why is Open-Source Software so Important? Ok, I want to get this across. I got a HTC Rezound, what it is, its a phone with Android 2.3. But so many phones have Android 2.3, why'd I get this one? This one not only has beats audio, but has HTC Sense. So what does Open-source do? Well when I got the phone and thought, is this like an iPhone, I need a special program. So I hooked it into my desktop, and boom it pops up as a filesystem. Why? Open-source means, YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL ON WHAT OR HOW YOUR ITEMS WORK. I love this phone too. So I dragged the music into the phone icon on the bottom, remember this is Ubuntu, so it's not like using iTunes. Then a popup comes up. We have recognised that the files: 'music1', … are MP3 files, we moved them to Music folder. So I went into the filesystem, there they were, in my Music folder, and I could have moved them anywhere. Too bad an iPhone can't do that, otherwise I might have bought it. I said I might buy it, and then came crunchtime and I said no, to exaggerate it a bit.

I hope this proves that Open-Source means FREEDOM, and Apple MS and Adobe means, use our over-priced product. So to all Ubuntu users, Android Gingerbread is the best, cause Ice Cream Sandwich isn't, I would say polished. Plus try for HTC, they have a lot of extras in it that make it 10x better.

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