Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have continued to do my things, and I think I will want to do this. I will be doing this as my server works.

1 PandaBoard with Ubuntu Precise Server for Omap4 with DNS Server
Mercury ~ DNS
2 Pandaboards
Venus ~ Homepage with Ubuntu Precise Server for Omap4 with LAMP
Mars ~ Game with Ubuntu Precise Server for Omap4 with LAMP

That is my choice, and I think if it will be about 5 KB per request, and I can expect a limit of 500, I should be fine. That means, the power consumption will be cheap and easy to upkeep in a blackout. Also, the only issue is SATA. I will use a 32 GB SDHC, Even though SDXC is better. This will mean, I have:
512 MB RAM
32 GB HD
Even though this looks low, it truly is actually. But this is due to the lack of support of DDR and SATA on OMAP3-4. OMAP5 and Tegra3 will have SATA and DDR2-3 support.

So I think this is fine. And this will take me less then 1000. So ads will be very short on the mini-game. But after that, the game will be free. It will be funded by in-game add-ons, like extra map sight, and that is because it takes more mapping and resources to do this. So in the end I would like to have our solar system, not any solar system out there that we have very little knowledge, cause there are 250-300 galaxies, each have 200-400 billion stars. Some stars have planets, others do not. So I will have names on each server. So here they are:
These will be the names of our servers, that I got to choose. I chose them, since Mars, perhaps did have life, and we might never know. I guess, you can call me crazy, but there are nearly 500 billion planets in the Milky Way Galaxy Spiral. So how will we ever know if there is life out there. And Mars is just the closest most possible. I mean it is habitable for life, if there was a larger ozone, and a bigger atmosphere, I think it be perfect for life. There's carbon-dioxide, so if we put sewage and a few trees, we would have an atmosphere. Also melt some of that ice, put some algae, we would have ozone, the only issue, it would be 100's of billions of dollars. The Moon might be possible too. Maybe easier and closer. But that's all sci-fi until NASA declares what they will do in 2023.


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