Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Recently I decided instead of just an open-source laptop, I want an ARM laptop then the open-source. Too bad I only see Apple™ doing this. Even though Ubuntu™, is my dream, I see that Linux vendors are not playing with the OMAP4/5 series, and most likely won't. I only see Apple™ doing this. Once they get the A6 processor, I see it in many devices. I see it in Tablets and Laptops. So why am I abandoning such a great community? I am not. I just don't see my necessities being ported to Ubuntu. So will I leave it? No, my desktop will forever be Ubuntu. Its just that since Linux Vendors like System76™ isn't supporting OMAPs I don't see this portable, efficient laptop yet. So I think for a laptop, I will just have to wait for the A6 to hit the Macbook Air™, and once Arm A16 comes out, I think the rest of the line will pick it up. So that's my real feelings. I feel the only company that can really do it is Google™, and they just aren't cutting it, in applications. So those are my honest opinions. I will also wait for ARM servers to hit the market with Hewlett Packard™.

I will 1000% put an Ubuntu Server in it for my "testing", but otherwise, I just don't know. I will be buying the first ARM home server to hit the market for my home. But that's about it. I guess I took a long ride with the open-source community, and it isn't over, just slower. I will immediately switch back when Android becomes a full PC, but otherwise I will need something for business, school, etc, and an A6 Macbook™ makes sense for me.

Sorry, but its not over, and trust me I don't plan to burrow my pockets on one of these machines. So farewell.

Thank you, and farewell

I will continue to write, and continue to check software, but for ARM from now on. That's why it will be a while until I can write a real review.

Calendar Last update February 14th:
May 11 I will have test Ubuntu Precise on a Pandaboard-ES
January 20thish I will have bought an A6 Macbook Air™ so I will talk to see if its better.

Trust me its not over, and never will be just want to see what Ubuntu and Android are up against in the ARM world. That's the real reason, plus I want to check out how a commercially supported BSD is against a commercially supported Linux.

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