Tuesday, February 7, 2012


First before I get to the point, I would like to apologise. Now that that's over, lets get this over with. Well I watched the Super Bowl, and to my surprise, there were only 3 big bad commercials. I guess, that I should get to my home team too. I watched the New Jersey Nets go 4-2 when they hit this run, well, not flashy numbers, but for a team with 7 people out with injuries, it's a good sign. Here in Jersey we are missing Brooks and Lopez. So that means Farmar and Williams have to carry the team. To what I wanted to write about.

Remember when I wrote about the Pandaboard. Well happens that Hewlett Packard, released the Calxeda. The Calxeda is a processor using 1.25 Watts. This even to the Atom which at 8 watts is really good. Plus the board has 4! So that means it has 4x the ability. So 16 GB DDR3, and 4 hard drives. Plus in the same energy that an i3 server would use(450 watts) it can do:
360 SATA Hard Drives

So this is going to be big. Listen in a 1U server:
72 Boards!
That's 288 Processors!
That's 1152 cores!
That's 1 TB RAM!
That's 250+ SATA!
That's 360 watts!!!

WOW! I mean, this is a super computer in a 1U! Well I will be getting one, but using each separately. Imagine a 6U. Well I heard they are selling 1/4U and 1/2U and 1U for specials.

Here is the video.


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