Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, Wednesday.

Well today is Wednesday. I wanted to talk about: ARM-32/64. You should by now know about ARM's new ARM-64. A chip of it will be coming out after the Summer, OMAP5532. It will be the first to incorporate a 40 bit physical addressing bus, and a 64 bit system bus. That means, 1 TB of RAM will be accessible.

So who needs that RAM? Well I have been looking around, and I thought of buying a Core 2 Duo Mac. Why? Well I said I started to like it, and it was only 699 with 4 GB RAM and a few upgrades, then I said wait. I really like the ARM. I will never buy an Apple System with an Intel or AMD chipset. Well Apple doesn't want to go to ARM on the PC side, so I might be getting a Windows 8 Tablet or even a Netbook, when Marvell™ processors or TI™ come out.

Well again the RAM? As applications get more sophisticated, it will need short term storage more and more. Plus the more RAM sticks you have in your computer is what makes it fast, the more RAM you have makes it more able, the higher clocked RAM makes each individual stick faster. So as each of those technologies get implemented on ARM systems, we will begin to see it move.

I will have to buy an ARM computer or even Netbook with Windows, because I will just grow to need it. Especially when I will be doing a lot of my design work in coffee shops etc. I also have started a new project with new people as my old one lost funding.

Well Farewell,

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